I’m Kavita, a British Indian who is obsessed with politics and law. I am a Law student and also represent young people as a youth politician, the UK Young Ambassador to the Commonwealth and an ambassador for Model Westminster. I work with charities trying to empower women and have a passion for anything to do with Politics.

Outside of politics and my legal studies I am an obsessive tea drinker and you’re most likely to find me watching a cricket match 🙂

At university, I end up cooking a lot of Indian food. People question how on earth I have time to cook Indian food, thinking there are complicated processes behind each dish.

The thing is Indian food can actually be quick and very easy to do. As a student, I find cooking Indian food to be cheap too. A happy budget is a happy student!

I started this blog as a way to show everyone how easy Indian cooking can be and how easy dishes can be to make whilst living a busy lifestyle.

With my origins from Punjab in India, I have a North-Indian approach to most of my recipes.

I would love to hear from you guys if you try out any of my recipes. Do get in touch!


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